No Grid Survival Projects book, has anyone tried it?

I’m tempted to order this, but thought I’d see if any of you have checked  it out? Might be pretty basic stuff, but looks like he’s made it easy to complete his projects by referencing exactly where to get supplies.
It might be a good one to have on hand in the prepping library, if his projects seem legit.

Please chime in with your thoughts!



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      Generally I like books that give me ideas whether I follow the plans or not. I’ve found though that lots of things that look good in theory are a waste of money and effort. Like say 2′ tall raised wooden garden beds (let alone planters hung off a fence, unless you want to pull the fence down). Unless you are trying to grow potatoes on your driveway or in a swamp just dig a hole in the dirt and drop in some seed. Add compost and straw to keep the weeds down and in a few years voilá, automatic raised bed.

      But you’re right, sourcing parts is sometimes hard when you’re doing something out of the ordinary. That alone could be valuable. I’d stay away from the razor wire and camouflaged spike trap for now tho!

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        Thanks Pops, I have similar reservations. Always on the hunt for another good reference, but they nearly always have silly stuff along with some useful things. 

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      I saw this book being advertised on Facebook and took a look at it. I too usually like books with projects like these, if just to stimulate the mind and give ideas. But no, I have not purchased this book or read it before.

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        Thanks Robert, I think I’ll pass on it after all, likely can find specific projects on YouTube for free..

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      I saw the book on Amazon.  Same author as another sus book.  Claude Davis.  I noticed he offers a refund, so you can return it.  Return requires shipment to Bucharest.  I bet that’s so it’s cheaper to keep it.

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      I’m also tempted to order it, mostly because I would need reminders of systems already set up or projects I have the materials for but haven’t built. If the grid does go down, not an impossibility, then books will be king.