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I’ve been thinking about how best to be prepared to bug in or bug out efficiently. It seems to me that there’s no point in having empty roller bags or empty suitcases inside my house. Why not have them packed and ready to take if I needed to leave? Storage is an issue, but they don’t take up more room packed than they do empty. I’m interested in other ideas people have to be able to pivot quickly from staying at home vs. leaving.


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      I do something similar but with mason jars. Instead of having a box of empty mason jars just sit there and take up room, I fill them up with water and have a little bit more water storage. 

      If I ever need to use that mason jar I water my plants or take a drink of the water inside.

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      Interesting point, Personally and I am only speaking for my own PERSONAL needs I want both hands free for bugging in or out  so pulling luggage  by hand wont work for me, But I think in many applications pre loaded conventional luggage will work.

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      What are some of the things you are going to put in your roller bags?

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        One is a traditional BOB, the little red one has amateur radio equipment, one has over-the-counter medications and first aid items and toiletries, and the little backpack barely visible on the far right has a Go Power Plus charging station/radio and fire starter and water carrying supplies.

        All of these were stored empty in a closet until recently, when I decided to load them up. (I have other items already packed in the car and in the garage near the car to load in a hurry if I had to.) I have one more empty roller bag. I think I’ll put food and water in it.

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        I love this now! Seeing what you now have available and ready to go with in a space and container that otherwise would be wasted has convinced me to do the same. 

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      On the surface this seems like a great idea but having traveled with roller bags, I think their value would be limited.  They are fantastic in airports or places with smooth surfaces.  I’ve had them in cities with cobblestone and brick surfaces and had to carry them.  

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        You make a good point. In my case, the roller bags aren’t intended to travel long distances. Instead, the intent is to get them out of the house quickly and into a vehicle or into someone else’s vehicle or at least away from the house. For aging people, wheels are better than planning to lift and carry relatively heavy things.