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      Live threat modeling exercise this Friday evening, July 5, on Discord at 6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern. This is a good way to think about what we’re preparing for and ensure we’re addressing the most important issues. Learn more about the technique from this article.


      Join our Discord now at this link so you’ll be ready when the event starts:


      Prepper Chat Nights are on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month. Recently we’ve been using these chats to practice threat modeling. Drop by if you’d like to try it.

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        Hurricane threat model

        = threats =

        • Flood
        • Wind
        • Falling trees
        • Tornado
        • Roof damage
        • Projectiles
        • Loss of access to city services
        • Power outage

        = assets =

        • Life
        • Home value
        • Access to food
        • Access to water
        • Temperature regulation
        • Immune health

        = protections/solutions =

        • Collect anything around house or street that could be thrown to break window or washed into storm drain
        • Clear nearby storm drains
        • Know your nearest storm drains in case they need emergency clearing during storm
        • Lawn furniture tied down or brought inside
        • Choose home with low flood risk
        • Evacuate if CAT3+ or if home has high flood risk
        • Repair any roof damage
        • Home insurance
        • Pictures/video to document home condition
        • Sandbags
        • Stored nonperishable food
        • Stored water – high in waterproof containers
        • Stay indoors during storm
        • Storm shutters or impact resistant windows or impact resistant window treatment
        • Remove high risk trees near home
        • Bike for going to grocery story when fallen trees in neighborhood
        • N95
        • First aid kit
        • Power bank
        • Ice maker
        • Cooling vest
        • Tent
        • Sleeping bag
        • Hand warmers
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      Authy was hacked. If you use this particular security tool, the main concern is an increased risk of SMS phishing or phone number theft because attackers now know what cell phone number is associated with Authy-protected accounts.


      Recommended mitigations:
      1) Update to latest version of Authy app.
      2) Contact your carrier and ensure your phone number is locked to prevent unauthorized number transfers.

      Your phone is the weakest link in your digital security

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      A minute of exercise adds five minutes to your life. This interview goes into lots of scientific detail. Or if you don’t feel like reading, this would also be a good time for a walk. 😉