News for the Week 2023-09-04

News for the Week 2023-09-04


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      Seth will be hosting a Game Night this Friday, Sept 8, at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern. Come join us on Discord for a survival-themed RPG. No experience required, and we’ll probably only play for an hour. Previous game nights have featured frozen wilderness, a biolab contamination event, and even zombies. I’m looking forward to seeing what Seth has in store for us next. 🙂


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      Avoid swimming in the ocean when you have a cut or other open wound. The same bacteria that cause cholera when you drink them can also cause a fatal infection when entering through cuts. This is especially an issue during hurricane storm surge.


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      The Coming Wave by Mustafa Suleyman

      This book is about an unusual but important preparedness topic, the risk associated with two revolutionary types of technology: artificial intelligence and synthetic biology. The author has impressive background in both fields as cofounder of Deep Mind, which created groundbreaking artificial intelligence software AlphaGo and synthetic biology tool AlphaFold. He discusses the opportunities, risks, and possible solutions to those risks.


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      Extremists keep trying to trigger mass blackouts. The number of attempts reported to the US Dept of Energy has increased in each of the last five years, with 2023 on track to double the previous year.

      “Law enforcement officials have blamed much of the rise in grid assaults on white nationalist and far-right extremists, who they say are using online forums to spread tactical advice on how to shut down the power supply.”

      “People attacking the electricity supply have thousands of potential targets, including power substations and smaller but critical pieces of utility infrastructure. The smaller pieces often go unprotected because federal standards do not require utilities to secure them.”



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      Search for escaped convicted murderer outside of Phila., PA. The inmate has eluded law enforcement and slipped through their perimeters for over a week during a heat wave that has made it more difficult for police to use thermal cameras and dogs to track. He has entered peoples homes and businesses for supplies and continues to be at large.