New affordable online pharmacy saves people thousands on life saving medicine

You may have seen Mark Cuban on Shark Tank as the famous billionaire investor/businessman. He recently opened up an online pharmacy that is trending all over the news right now with the amazing cost savings that it is offering to people. Instead of selling drugs for ridiculous amounts, they only mark it up 15% (still a healthy profit for them). A traditional pharmacy may charge you or your insurance company $9657, but at this place it is only $39. Isn’t that insane how much of a savings that is for you? Important medications are now accessible to people who may have just gone without, rationed, or went bankrupt trying to stay alive.

If you need a lifesaving prescription medication, check out costplusdrugs.com and see if you can get it cheaper on there. 

They don’t take insurance cards to pay for the drugs, but the savings are still so incredibly good that you might end up paying less for the same medication then you were with your co-pay or deductible.

It is easier to store up some extra $40 medication than it is a $9500 one. Hopefully this allows people to not only have what they need, but save some up for a rainy day if there are supply chain issues, job loss, etc.


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      I had *just* remembered about this and was thinking that I should add it to the next roundup as one of the ways to save money, and lo and behold, you’ve posted about this💪

      Edited to add: I tried to use this service before but the meds I need are not listed so I don’t have direct experience with them, but the prices really look good.

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        They mentioned recently they’re trying to add like 1000 more medications. Hopefully they add your meds.

        It really does seem like a solid option

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      Just signed up and emailed my doctor. Thanks for the urging!

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      Here’s a Reddit post of other preppers using this service and saving money on their medication that then allows them to spend it on preps.