Neat vine growing robot with potential emergency preparedness applications

I watched a cool video on YouTube today about a new robot design that has many potential benefits to emergency preparedness. 

The robot is made of a soft plastic or rip resistant nylon and can traverse many different obstacles. I can see this being used in search and rescue operations, emergency surgeries, surveillance, gardening, helping assist people with moving heavy objects, and more.

What are some of the possibilities that you can see with it?


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      Good afternoon JB,

      It’s a great robot !  Once they get “fielded”, the costs will drop and be available to private citizen preppers.

      Most definitely this vine robot for SAR and other emergency responses such as delivering O2 tanks to trapped miners.

      We had the initial, non-robot nitrogen holding bladder on the rigs for lifting … no robot function at time. If, for example, the wind blows down a crane onto the deck, the “bladder”, fitted with D-rings would be empty and positioned under as much as the damaged crane section. Then “bladder” would be filled w/ nitrogen and winches pulling the crane away from fall area.

      Ours were heavy and strong. Believe made of nomex, kevlar and the PVC stuff.

      Appreciate you posting this. These robots are the future.

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        Wonder if in the future people will have bags and compressed air canisters in their car that they can deploy and lift someone trapped under a vehicle after a car accident. 

        Many people carry fire extinguishers in their car to be able to help put out fires like a firefighter and first aid and trauma kits to bandage people up like a medic, it’s not too crazy to see some people carry preps to be able to help a trapped person.

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        Not something I would be very comfortable doing, but maybe with some training and help from other people at the crash site we could do it.