“Natural Disaster Preparedness Resources”


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The info in above link provided by the Food Marketing Institute. It’s focus is mostly to business and industry – but not exclusively. There is much info in this link that’s useful to the sophisticated prepper. This link has some good sub-links eg “Food Safety in a Disaster or Emergency”.

What is worthwhile to the prepper is knowing that a full freezer provides much longer temperature control than a half-full freezer.  This can be called the “win-win” situation. Look for items on sale and get. Already-purchased stuff for when adverse conditions hit, yields lower frozen food costs – along with the safety aspect.

For avid readers that hyperlinked pocket guide … yes, it’s mostly business/industry focused … provides good background info for the private citizen prepper. The page 5 quote got my attention: “Well Begun Is Half Done.” Aristotle.


Not mentioned in this link but one of the best restaurant food safety programs I’ve read about is that of Waffle House.

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      I take empty mason jars and fill them with water to fill up the extra empty space in my fridge to make it more energy efficient. And if I go grocery shopping and come home with some groceries that need to go in there, then I pull out the mason jars and I have nice cold drinking water. Don’t do this trick in the freezer though… You don’t need to be cleaning up shattered glass from the expanding water. For my freezer I take a piece of styrofoam that I had gotten in with some Amazon package years ago and place that in my freezer to take up some extra room. 

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        Good afternoon Liz,

        Real good preparedness re the mason jars in refrigerator and styrofoam in freezer.