National Space Policy and Preparedness


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Per title, it’s hot off the cyberpress, dated 9 December 2020.

Of prepper interest, at least to me, is the page 17 section titled “Protection of Electromagnetic Spectrum”. 

Only 1 EMP sensitive item I depend on is probably subject to the electromagnetic interference.  This is my old, smallest, lightest ,Grundig AM-FM-SW radio (uses 2 AAA batteries).  So far, shortwave reception works. This might be a national trait.

Phones: cell, sat, landline close down.  Of course web access lost.


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      Speaking of eruptions from the sun …….

      Above tells of this.

      SIDEBAR:  This Yahoo link mentions and hyperlinks to something from the National Weather Service (NWS).  NWS has a large website with much material.  They offer both cyber and physical classroom arranged (on hold now diring quarantine) classes on weather subjects.  These courses/seminars are no-cost.  I took one and after quarantine hoping to take another.

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        I saw that there was a big solar eruption this week. I’m sure glad it wasn’t the BIG one though that knocks out the power grid.

        Pretty cool that northern states might be able to see the northern lights from this though.