What is the best place to buy mylar bags?

What’s a good place to get Mylar bags from? Just off Amazon, or do you all have a go to place for these things? Amazon reveals hundreds of possible vendors, most made overseas. If I’m to commit to some bags o’ rice for long term, I’d like to ensure I get decent stuff. Thanks!


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      I’ve gotten all mine off of Amazon.

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      I’ve gotten them from topmylar.com as well as wallabygoods.com  and I’m pleased with the quality.  Both companies offer thicker 7 mil bags.

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      I’ve never bought mylar bags myself to share any recommendations but I did a bit of research for you on the preppers Reddit page of people asking the same question you did and will share some of the comments and recommendations others have given there. Hope it helps.

      • I’ve seen a couple recommendations for Packfresh USA. They say they are the cheapest per bag, have free shipping, usually can find a 10% off coupon floating around, and they also sell on Amazon and eBay if you don’t want to go through their site.
      • Wisedry bags from Amazon – User said they didn’t see any pinholes in them, and they came with O2 absorbers. (So that’s a good thing to pay attention to, shine a strong flashlight into your bags and see if you can see any pinholes in them.)
      • Another user says to buy your absorbers and mylar bags separately. (Maybe because they might have older absorbers packaged with newer mylar?)
      • https://usaemergencysupply.com/
      • https://discountmylarbags.com/
      • Wallaby mylar bags
      • Many recommendations to get the 7mil thick bags or thicker. (I imagine that the thicker the bag the longer you will have to hold your iron on to crimp it. I’d do a test piece first to make sure you know how to do it, then take that to a bathtub and put it under water and see if any gets in.)
      • A helpful comment: The O2 absorbers are great to ensure that the weevils die off in grains, rice, etc. So freeze the grains for a couple days, seal them in something to get as much air out as possible, tossing in an o2 absorber to drain out as much remaining air as possible and you should be good.

      Here’s a little section that TP wrote about mylar bags.

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      I’ve used an amazon dealer named “PackFreshUSA” and been satisfied. 

      I get 7mil bags when available, with the pleated (?) flat bottom and heat-seal ziploc tops

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        Seems to me that many people like PackFresh USA. I’ll probably get some from there when I need mylar bags.

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      We use them for a turkey bacon jerky we produce 

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      Hey there. Not sure if you already have heard of them or not but I have been using brandmydispo

      for a while now. I like their bags because of how thick they are. The prices are very reasonable for the quality.  

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      Having read the linked article:


      Went and got a cheap vacuum sealer from amazon.

      here is my Bleed control kit in a much smaller package than the zip lock bag it was in.BC60165E-1527-4037-BCA5-446AB8E7C93B_4_5005_cFB376A69-E052-402B-8CA6-0DAE61BDE710_4_5005_c