My EDC – what am i missing

I need a holster, a belt, sunglasses, maybe some tactical shoes? Prefer made in USA, of course.


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      Nice setup! How do you carry that pistol?

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      What’s the reasoning on a knife instead of a multitool? Given you are EDC’ing a (rather large) pistol, people in that situation tend to then carry a more utility-oriented blade (eg. within a multitool) instead of a pure blade.

      Other than the holster than @Thomas Gomez mentioned, you’re not really missing much. People who take it a step further than you would typically add something medical, such as a pill-holder keychain, etc.

      Given how heavy the 320 X5 Legion is, you’ll want a belt with some sturdiness. Either thick leather or something design to be more tactical / for EDC. https://www.511tactical.com/tactical-belt-guide-for-edc

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      I like Arcade Adventure belts for being dressy enough to match nice pants but still sturdy enough for real work. Your holster depends on how you plan to carry and what is comfortable on your body. I mostly body carry but I have an oversized fabric holster (Galco Stow & Go) that I use when carrying IWB. It is oversized so the firearm rides lower in the holster – less show on me, your body will vary. I can tuck that inside a skirt or clip it on a bag pocket in a hurry.

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      Do you currently own an X5 Legion or is that just what you plan to buy? I ask because if you haven’t held one, that sucker is massive and the tungsten grip makes it significantly heavier than a regular polymer handgun. If you’re planning to daily carry one of those you’re going to need a very sturdy belt to support it, and unless you’re wearing thick clothes everyday it’s going to have a massive print. For reference I’m 6’1 about 190 and it will print on me even under a jacket or sweatshirt, that’s why it’s primarily a range/innawoods gun. Just making sure you’re taking this into consideration, not to mention the weight of wearing it everyday. After having it on my belt for a few hours in the woods it starts to get noticeably heavier, especially if doing a lot of walking. Don’t get me wrong it’s a sweet weapon, just not exactly designed for EDC.