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Above links to the Medical Alert Foundation. Clicking on above hyperlink brings you to page of the pictures of the various types of bracelets they sell.  Am only posting this for the exposure to the different types and their logo, a modified caducous … the snake and the shaft.

This basic info is good to know about. The only big headache I’ve ever run into is what MedAlert Foundation calls the “Advanced Directive/DNR (Do Not Recisitate) bracelet. Virginia’s name is “DDNR” – Durable Do Not Resesitate. “Advanced directives can be viewed as a different topic.  It is a messy matter here to prepare both. Was told Virginia does not recognize out of state bracelets.

Besides knowing about these types of bracelets – and following one’s health care provider … or a Paramedic friend’s recommendation … I recommend carrying in one’s wallet business card or even old appointment card of one or more of your health care providers (eg doc, DDS, optical, VA).

Definitely staple a current business card of one’s health care providers into CDC 731 – the yellow shot/jab pamphlet for documenting certain specific-important types of shots/jabs like Yellow Fever. The CDC 731 pamphlet is somewhat internationally standardized since it’s an international requirement for travel to certain destinations.  If you glance at your COVID card, you’ll see a similiar frontal format of logo.

The origins of these medical alert bracelets go back to 19th century but common to use the World War ! trench warfare era of identification bracelet with name only.  Later, especially in US World War II participation, blood type and Rh factor added but placed on a dog tag around a neck chain.

Foot Note: Don’t look for or wear a bracelet with “I am an alcoholic. In case of emergency get me a beer”. Some aspects of life are inherently understood.  Avoid information overload.


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      Do you think you would have a lawsuit on your hands if you resuscitated someone with a DNR bracelet?

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        Good evening Carter,

        Basically, that was our consensus; Yes.

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        glad you guys brought this up, i’ll be taking the extra 1/2 second to look for a medical bracelet now. 

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      Wow, didn’t know medical bracelets went back to the 19th century! Thanks for posting.