Mass shooting NYC Subway. Bombs found


No matter if its a criminal or a terrorist or a nut job, theres no way on earth I’m letting my wife fly to NYC for a shopping trip in July.   Be it US, UK or EU cities are fast becoming no go areas.

gunman wearing a gas mask and orange construction vest is on the run in Brooklyn after shooting at least 13  people on a packed subway station platform in Sunset Park during rush hour on Tuesday.  

At least five people are believed to be injured, with four said to be either shot or hit by shrapnel and another shot on the R train at the 36th Street station in Sunset Park. 

At around the same time, there were reports of an explosion nearby. It’s unclear where the gunman is now but NYPD units are hunting for him. 

An NYPD spokesman could only confirm that a shooting had taken place and that no one was in custody. 

Multiple undetonated devices have been found at the scene that the FDNY is now working to remove safely. 

‘Originally, the call came in as smoke in the subway station. Upon arrival, officers found multiple people shot and undetonated devices.  


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      If terror attacks on western cities is starting to flare up again I will resort to my family doing its shopping etc in smaller more provincial communities or resort to mail order. Add Terrorism to huge rises in inflation, plus shortages, plus Covid flare ups, etc cities are going to be places to avoid this summer.

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      Here is why we should all keep at least one Trauma dressing on our EDC bags / packs especially in urban centers.

      Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 16-35-48 Gunman in gas mask and orange vest opens fire on NYC subway

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      Very sad to see this on the news yesterday. Situational awareness can possibly prevent yourself from being caught up in such a situation. If you see someone acting suspicious and you feel uncomfortable, take the next train or move to another car. 

      Knowing your exits, having a form of self defense, and like you mentioned having a trauma dressing on hand are other things you can do to be prepared for such events.

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        They got the dude, UK media reports a security guard caught him.  Could be a political issue involved so I wont comment further.

        BUT for goodness sake folks get situationally aware on public transport, your head should be on a swivel, no jewellry on show,no looking at I phones, keep BOTH hands free, and be aware of every possible escape route.

        Ladies, NEVER EVER be the last person on the carriage.

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        i hope you will not stop commenting here. I look for your comments and enjoy and learn from them. Let them – what they will. Probably most of it will stay up.