Long term experience with reccomended Novoo waterproof power bank?

Hi all, I have been working through making a bug out bag. Because money is an issue, I was thrilled that the reccomended power bank wasn’t an arm and a leg. Looking into the reviews on Amazon though it appears that a lot of people love it at first but around 6 months it starts to fail and around a year when it is no longer in warranty it stops working entirely. It is tricky to guage how common that experience is- how many people actually come back to amazon in a year when something fails? Does anyone have any personal experience good or bad?

Alternatively, does anyone have a different power bank that has held up long term for them? (I have been mulling over spending the extra money and getting an otterbox power bank instead- they seem to have a longer lifespan looking at the reviews on Best Buy that tell you how long someone owned something when they submitted the review and much easier to get replaced if they fail. Not clear if they are compatible with a solar charger though.)

Thanks everyone!


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      I have been using the exact same power bank for the past 2 years and never had any issues. It’s very light and rugged but I never dunked it in water to check how much is waterproof.

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      I love this power bank – I keep it in my get home bag.  It holds a full charge for months.  I have brought this power bank with me on several overnight hikes.  It’s compact, durable and works really well.  HIGHLY recommend!  I am thinking about purchasing another one.

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      Just looked in my online orders, and I got the Novoo powerbank recommended by The Prepared in April 2020. It’s been my favorite/most used portable power bank since then.

      The first year it saw use maybe once every couple of months, but from Summer 2021 onward it’s been used biweekly as the power bank that comes on car and camping trips and recharges my phone at night.

      I have yet to see any issues with it not charging my phone. The only issue I’ve experienced was that — in the last two months — the synthetic cover of the USB ports has fallen off. I couldn’t see a particularly clean way of fixing this issue (e.g., attached the cover back to the port area with cordage or something), so this powerbank now gets to always join the other electronics gear in the dry bag (I’ve never submerged it, but previously I haven’t worried about rain exposure).

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      I got a couple of them over a year ago and I like them a lot.  They are rugged and work well in my experience.

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      I liked mine so much I have given all members of my family them as gifts and have bought spares…it’s phenomenal and have used mine over a couple years so far.