Studying the limits and possibilities of knitted materials will lead to ultra-tough materials


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Above article introduces different stitches that change the aspects of common fabrics.

Mentioned is “knot theory” as it relates to knitting.

Over the years I’ve heard references as to how garments are “knit” that determines their desirability between the brands.  My key reference was hearing that Jaegar brand of wool long underwear (“long johns”) was warmer than competing brands due to their method of knitting.  This linked article is probably the clarification to what I heard.

Somewhere here in my research files … applied research; for actual use when looking to purchase garments … is information on the “best” wools such as musk and cashmir. Enhancing the textiles made from them is also a cost-savings measure.

This article got me to thinking about those Austrian wool socks whereas water cannot drip through them. It’s how they’re knitted.

Much to learn …….


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