Klean Strip/Klean Heat kerosene alternative for oil burning lanterns and lamps

Klean Heat kerosene alternative is about as pure as kerosene gets, and is recommended on one of my favorite lantern websites.  It’s taken me a long time to find it (buried in the Home Depot labyrinth) but I found it last week.  Just now refitted my two antique lanterns with new wicks and filled them with the new product, then lit them.

It is unquestionably a far superior product in the old lanterns than either K-1 kerosene or lamp oil!  My two lanterns, a 19th century railroad lantern and a 1920s Dietz cold blast contractor’s lantern, just reeked when burned inside with K-1.  There is almost no kerosene smell at all with the new fuel.  The Dietz burns far cleaner than the railroad lantern and I couldn’t smell anything from it.  Most of the smell came from the other one.

From the Klean Strip website: Klean-Strip® Klean Heat® My understanding is that the alternative produces slightly less light and heat, but probably imperceptible.

Consider the kerosene alternative if you use kerosene in any of your heating/lighting equipment.  It’s spendy but seems to be a better option if forced to use such fuels indoors in an emergency.


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      I love kerosene lanterns and wish I could burn them all the time. My wife isn’t a fan of the fumes released into the air however. I still don’t think this product you shared will be good enough for her to allow me to use them more often, but I want to look into it more and see if there is someway I can convince her.

      Kerosene does stink, so having an alternative that doesn’t smell like anything is definitely worth the money if using indoors.