Iphone case with camera cover?

Hey Folks,

Has anyone come across a decent phone case that has built in sliding front and rear camera covers?  I now there are a few on amazon but the reviews don’t look so good and it seems that the covers break rather quickly with limited use?  The little sliding stick on covers are okay for the front but suck for the rear cameras.




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      I’ve always wanted a phone case with a camera cover that could easily be slid out of the way, but I haven’t been able to find one for any of the android phones I have owned.

      Some thing I have tried before is to simply place a piece of paper on the inside of my phone’s case. This blocks out the rear camera, but you do have to remove the entire case and paper when you do want to use that rear camera. I’ve also tried painters tape, but over time that still leaves sticky residue. 

      They sell reusable camera privacy stickers, but still aren’t as convenient to remove as a little slide window built into a case.

      I wouldn’t put much trust in a $15 phone case like this one, but the $45 Spy-Fy ones on Amazon seem to be a bit better, although there are still reviews about the camera sliders not holding tension after so much use. So don’t constantly flick the slider open and closed like a fidget toy.

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        Ya I think I am gonna bite the bullet and try the spy-fy.  Price isn’t horrible so if it turns out to be a dud no big deal.  Thanks!  

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        On the software side of things, go through your apps and make sure that you are only granting access to the camera to the applications that really need it. That’ll cut down on the number of times the camera can be accessed.

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        Unless rogue software has been installed on your phone which bypasses all this…

        INCREDIBLY SUPER DUPER UNLIKELY though. 99.999% of us will not have to worry about camera spying if we take the proper precautions and stop permissions like you say.

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        Excellent idea!  Thanks Mike!

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        Hope it works out well for you. And I am kinda jealous.

        May I ask why you are wanting a case with covers? For privacy reasons and rogue apps spying on you? Totally legit concerns, just curious.

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        Yep I agree the risk is incredibly small.  However, for the cost of a case I feel it is cheap insurance.  I am pretty ignorant when it comes to technology and don’t have much of an idea of the types of threats out there. That being said the main drivers for this was Marc Goodmans future crimes book and my largest concern is I believe we have had some pretty significant police\government overreach in Canada throughout the pandemic.  We have friends who work in the federal government and in city police forces who have been wire tapped for speaking out against vaccine mandates/covid measures/new firearm laws etc.  I was certainly outspoken on a few of these issues and while I doubt the camera would ever be activated even in such situation, just covering my bases!

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        I’ll have to check out that book. It sounds interesting to be aware of future threats that we may not even be aware of now.