Invincibility points

I just read that in Ukraine they have set up what they call “invincibility points” where people can go for hot water, electricity etc. I like the concept. In the winter I often think it would make me feel safer if I had another little building where I could go live for a while if something catastrophic should happen to my house. I was wondering if anyone would like to talk about this and maybe share ideas? It would have to be low-budget 🙂


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      Just read an article about this on AP. Sounds a lot like a Starbucks, except in a tent rather than a building. I’m guessing the food is free as well, though the article doesn’t actually say that.


      If something catastrophic happens to just your house, a good substitute would be a hotel. If something catastrophic happens to many people’s houses, there will likely be government-run shelters setup. I live in Florida where this happens every year or two due to hurricanes.

      If you’re thinking of setting something like this up yourself for neighbors, maybe have a large tent and non-perishable foods ready to go. The problem is that feeding lots of people gets expensive fast.

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      I tried to do something similar on a personal scale:  When I built my guest cabin it was meant to double as a shelter we could “evacuate” to in the event that, say, a tree came through the roof of the house when it was 40 below out with 60 mph winds, as well as somewhere to stay while rebuilding if the main house were ever destroyed by fire or tornado.  No electric, but a cozy space with a wood stove, primitive kitchen, and comfortable beds to sleep on.  The problem is, I let a young couple who needed a place to stay at the start of covid move into it, and they’ve decided to stay more-or-less permanently now.  This also leaves nowhere for actual temporary guests to stay.  I think I need to build another cabin!