Insulin for type 1 diabetics that does not need refridgeration created in India

I honestly cannot remember if I posted this piece before so mods please delete if i have.

Scientists have developed an Insulin for type 1 diabetics that does NOT need refridgeration. Great news for Type 1 Preppers.




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      This breakthrough was talked about briefly on our September 28 News Roundup blog post, but it hasn’t made it’s way to the forum yet. Certainly great news for many people and I hope it can be a cost effective way for diabetics to prepare.

      I will also share this forum thread over on the Anybody have a game plan for rare/refrigerated medication? thread. I am sure many people there will want to hear about it as well. 

      Thanks for sharing this link Bill!!

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        Groundbreaking development that will transform the lives of Type 1’s when its available in the US/UK/EU.  I remember reading about a couple of wealthy preppers many years ago who were so concerned about the risk to their health from Type 1 if there was a societal collapse that they were looking at moving near to a pig farm and learning how to extract and refine porcine insulin. thankfully and hopefully this will be a huge game changer.