Inquiry: Spring sales on handheld ham radios

Good morning!  I’m currently in process of studying for the Ham technician license and, in anticipation of actually passing the test, am shopping around for deals on new handhelds, most likely The Prepared’s “best for most” Yaesu pick or something similar.  With that in mind, I was wondering if there are typically spring sales or Memorial Day sales that I should be keeping an eye out for or, if not, what the next best opportunity for a discount might be in the annual sales cycle.  Thanks for your help!


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      I’m not aware of any upcoming sales, but will keep an eye out and let you know if I see any.

      I take it you are looking for a Yaesu FT-60R, it’s $154 on GigaParts and HamRadioOutlet right now, and $210 on Amazon.  There are slightly cheaper openboxed ones for sale $144 (no free shipping) Gigaparts, $139 (with free shipping) HamRadioOutlet

      Sign up for the emailing list for Gigaparts or HamRadioOutlet and you will be notified of any sales. 

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        Thanks, Robert!  Very helpful.  I’ve signed up for email updates from both Gigaparts and Ham Radio Outlet.

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      What’s your goal CJ? What is the target you have in mind? When I got my license, I bought a couple dual band HT’s. With local repeaters I could check in on the nets and reach people I knew. Unfortunately, I wanted to be able to contact friends using simplex rather than using the megaphone of a repeater, but the HT’s just couldn’t make the 30 or more mile leap.

      I ended up spending $170 on a 80 watt Yaesu FT-2980R (mobile/base) single band (2m) radio and a Dr. Fong 146.500 MHz tuned J-Pole antenna for my roof. Not only can I reach repeaters over 70 miles away, but I talk with my friends simplex like they’re in the room with me. I use the HT’s in the field every once in a while, but the 2980 keeps me connected across three states… way more bag for my money.

      The point being, sales are good and all, but spend your money for what’s going to provide you with whatever solution you require most. Be sure an HT is your solution.

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        Good comment Rosco. I went ahead and shared your experience with another guy who was having trouble reaching his family members on this forum post https://theprepared.com/forum/thread/ham-radio-for-local-communication 

        Hopefully it will help him.

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        Thanks for the advice, Rosco!  Very helpful.  My initial goal is to get something portable that can be used in a variety of situations: hiking, camping, at home, cycling to work, etc.  My biggest interest is being able to access and monitor my local statewide emergency repeater network, particularly during wildfire seasons, winter storms, etc.  If the hobby holds my interest for any length of time, a longer term goal would be to get involved with ARES.  I realize, of course, that Ham radio is a rabbit hole that can easily lead to investing in more equipment, licensure upgrades, etc.  But for now, I’d like to keep it simple, pass the technician test, and start with a handheld.