Inherited emergency food lot (advice)

Hello! My family recently inherited a large emergency food lot (200+ cases of #10 cans, 100+ buckets). While we will be keeping what we can and have space to store, I was wondering if anyone has advice on selling emergency food as a lot? It is primarily Mountain House, Emergency Essentials, and Provident Pantry. Located in southern California. 


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      I would first do some space fugitation to see how much more I could squeeze into our home.  Currently, no room in the house or out buildings does NOT have at least one box of preps.  You’d be amazed at how much you can fit if you let yourself get creative with a Survival Chic Design Theme.   Food Totes or large water containers used as legs for desk tables or shelving, buckets made used for mazes and/or play structures in the kids room and so on.  Because it’s fun to keep prepping out of the closet so to say,  I would also consider making gift boxes for family, friends and neighbors and charities for xmas in April 😉  If I was desperate for $ I would then crunch the #’s to see if it would be worth it to get a small storage space.  If that didn’t make sense $ wise, I would go online amazon etc to get an idea of what stuff is selling for.  Then I would post on Craig’s list, Here, (the prepared) and other Prepper forums and Fakebook groups.  I would specify that the prices I posted did not include shipping and that I would be willing to negotiate with anyone who wanted X amount or more.  If someone asked me how much $ to ship, I would tell them what my zip code was and suggest that THEY calculate approx shipping via USPS or UPS and then get back to me if they were still interested.  I might consider going/calling the local independent sports/mountaineering/camping shops and seeing if they were interested.
      Good luck! :)))

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      Where abouts are you located?

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        We are in Yucaipa, CA 92399.

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      Another suggestion, if you can utilize the deduction on your taxes, donate to food banks/homeless centers that feed large numbers of people (using current online pricing if within 30 year shelf life) 

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      Local CERT groups may have interest or contacts that could be. SoCal is earthquake country. Large institutions have their own stores of emergency rations (my workplace). Small businesses may appreciate something more affordable. Craig’s list or possibly ebay which is more work.