Incredibly beautiful bird !!

I like to feed birds and have many feeders.  I’ve always thought the Rose-breasted Grosbeak is amongst the most beautiful birds alive.  I always count myself blessed when I see one on the feeders.  Today I was sitting in my office and heard a thud on the glass pane on the outside door.  Sure enough a bird had crashed into it and I saw it was a Grosbeak.  I gave it a bit to recover but it still wouldn’t fly off, so I gently picked it up and sat down with it in the shade.  It was always somewhat alert but made no attempt to move.  I hoped it was just stunned so I sat with it for around 15-20 minutes and then it flew over to a nearby shrub.  All seems well.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak


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      That is a beautiful bird. Thanks for sharing. I don’t think I’ve seen a bird stunned like that.

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        I haven’t experienced this before either.  I consider it a gift of the highest magnitude to actual hold & help this most beautiful creature.

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        We’ve had several bird strikes on our windows since putting up bird feeders as well. Sadly a couple didn’t make it. I did some research and put up some paracord on the windows facing the back yard like these where the feeders are located. It has helped a lot.  From the prepper perspective, I have a lot of available paracord stored in plain view if I need it. I used this peel and stick cord cover that I could cut to size, just slide the knotted paracord onto, peel and stick over the window. Then a ‘hair trim’ and a lighter to seal the ends and it was done in minutes per window. I can easily adjust the spacing and move them if I ever wish to clean the window. It has lasted through one wet season. I used black paracord and doesn’t really affect my view out the window. They blow in the wind like tree branches (perhaps why they are called zen wind curtains) and one window occasionally gets twisted up. 

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        Never heard of this.  I’ll give it a try.  Thanks!

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        Glad to help.  I’m envious, but glad, you got to help such a beautiful bird. There are stickers and other solutions as well.  These seemed to block less of the view, I could add more to narrow the gaps if necessary, and were easily removed if they didn’t work.