In this forum, the answer is for sure yes – More Solar

Currently  I live rather remotely with a very nice place in the mountains next to a farmers village. And no, it is not in the US. During the rainy season, the grid is often down. Since about 10 years I have next to the grid also off grid solar (double outlets etc everywhere). About 5 years ago upgraded it to lifepo4. Last year next to my pickup bought an EV. I can use the battery of it to power the house upto 2.5kw. 
For the rest about everything prepperwise in place. A well with solar pump. Growing food etc..

Now thinking to get another solar solution next to the current one and with a manual transfer switch switch beteen them. The second will have a similar setup but integrated the car so I can charge the car and use the battery of the car to power the house. In this second system will have a battery as well to be like a buffer in case it gets shaded so I can continue charging the car.

Good idea?


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      Welcome to ThePrepared, Dent!

      It’s great that you’ve setup solar and batteries so that you have a backup for the unreliable power grid. And I imagine there’s a cost savings as well when generating your own power.

      As to whether to add more panels, I don’t think I could answer that for you. Once you already have enough panels to cover your electrical usage, adding more panels would further improve reliability while increasing your costs. Whether that’s worth it depends on how important that reliability is to you, whether you depend on constant electricity for health or medical reasons, and also whether you can easily afford the extra costs.

      Whatever you decide, it’s good that you’re finding ways to address the electrical reliability issues in your area. And I’m sure everyone would be interested in hearing more about your experience in making that work.