I’m fed up with losing lists and forgetting stuff

Darn it yet AGAIN I ventured from home in my van and on arrival at my destination I realised I had forgotten a few of the prepping kit items I USUALLY take with me to suppliment my EDC gear. Its my fault because I either forget where I put my check lists OR dont read the list properly and miss an item or to.  I even managed to go on a recce mission once without my camera and notebook.

So I’ve decided to add a visual aid ( poster) on the door to my prep room to try and use it as a prompt to double check I’ve got all I need.

This is my first effort. I always keep food and rations in the van along with PDW gear so its not shown.



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      Good morning Bill,

      Don’t feel lonely.  It’s an aspect of the human condition.

      Some time ago I attended an advanced-level military survival seminar. The class was only with the experienced. 

      The instructor asked who in room was “fully set up”. All raised their hands. The oldest 3 in room did so also but with a slight fold at the elbow. 

      It’s not your fault. Even the Ray Ban crowd with their entire lives working check lists … there are still: “…should have done this/had that…”.

      I like the pictured walking cane. No HAZMAT labels for the inside stuff ?!  Just joking, just jok … !

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        Morning Bob.

         I’m in the UK so the Titanium hiking poles stands in for a pistol because we cannot arm ourselves legally.   I only keep a few N95 masks and latex gloves,  no NBC gear 🙂 .

        Though we have recently realised that Umarex sells the T4E HDR and HDP 50 cal C02 self defence pistols in the UK which can be …. erm…. tweaked if neccessary.

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        Good morning Bill,

        Well received. Understand.

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      My memory ain’t what it used to be even five years ago, so Im bound to forget various items while packin for a trip. How do you get your poster to look so clean without a background and just have the item image on there? Did you use some kind of computer software?

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        I just selected images on google on a white background and pasted them onto Microsoft PAINT as a collage.

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      That’s cool you changed your environment to make it work for you, by putting the poster up and valuing function over form. 

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      I am an ATGATT* guy. I just have a routine.

      When I leave the house, I have one of three laodouts; depending on expected absence.

      Milk run, under twenty minutes–fully dressed w/EDC, coffee cup, filled, Water bottle, filled, Multi purpose tracking unit w/Constanza wallet, and my M-65.

      Longer than twenty minutes, all the above, plus, reload for coffee, and my Personal Emergency Resource Kit.

      Going to work, all the above, plus, my lunch/work bag.

      Working twelve hour overnights, this methodology works for me. By having an ingrained ritual/routine, I rarely find nyself lacking something I need.

      *All The Gear, All The Time

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        HAHAHAHA! You really got me laughing! 

        ‘Multi purpose tracking unit’ haha!

        ‘Constanza wallet’ hahaha! (such a great episode)

        Thanks for making my day.