I bought one of those “lifelike” masks from Facebook and it’s total garbage

Duh, I know, no surprise. But sharing to help you avoid the same mistake! 

2021-05-19 13.46.02

Does anyone else see/remember those video ads on Facebook about lifelike face masks? The videos made it look like there had been some big improvement in the technology or something, and that these cheap masks were now good enough to fool people or cameras that are not looking too closely at you. I’ve seen other reports like this one that do show more lifelike masks, so I thought it was feasible.

I’ve always thought about having some kind of identity concealment for those rare situations where you might need to hide who you are. Maybe it’s from mass facial recognition, participating in a protest, or something like that. Even if you’re not doing something wrong, the day may come where you need to hide.

So I spent the $40. It ended up being blatantly false advertising… what they delivered was nothing like the videos shown. And now the Shopify store that sold it is entirely gone.

I still have hope about affordable and worthwhile masks in the near future. But definitely avoid the advertised ones on Facebook!

This is where it ended up

2021-05-19 13.47.10

Some close ups

2021-05-19 13.43.13

2021-05-19 13.43.41

2021-05-19 13.43.54


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      You totally should have put that on first thing in the morning and freak your spouse/partner out when they roll over in bed and see that. Put the video up on YouTube, start trending, and make your 40 bucks back.

      Masks are a viable and powerful tool for good and evil. Check out this story where a couple thousand dollar mask (much better than yours…) was able to hide the identity of a criminal and got an innocent man arrested. https://youtu.be/_DApAb12xyQ

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        I actually did spook the spouse! But didn’t record it 🙁 That bank story is interesting, thanks for sharing.