Hydra Lights

Good morning! I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/experience using hydra lights? Wondering if they work well and if there is one out there that is better than another. Thank you!!


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      Hi Lauren, hope you are having a great day!

      So I had looked into getting the Hydra Light a few years ago, but never ended up getting it because I felt like it was too gimmicky. It’s super cool that it can run on water (I actually had a wrist watch that ran on water as a kid), but that’s about where the cool features end.

      I remember not getting it because of how dim the light actually was. And to double check my memory before I commented here for you, I looked up a video on YouTube of someone reviewing it. Here are two portions of the video if you don’t want to watch the whole thing:

      Here’s the portion of the video showing the flashlight setting.

      Here’s the portion of the video showing the lantern setting.

      So my memory was correct. This is absurdly dim and seriously not worth even considering. A flashlight at the dollar store will provide more light than this will.

      Another thing to consider is that this product claims to be “an environmentally safe and friendly alternative to batteries” but the water powered fuel cell can only be used three times before needing replaced. Replacement fuel cells are actually more expensive than just buying a brand new flashlight. I don’t think that going through those fuel cells that often is really so much more environmentally friendly. A cheap dollar store flashlight and some rechargeable batteries will give you more light, longer use, and be much cheaper.

      I don’t want to be poo-pooing your desire to get this, but any other option will probably be better. 

      Can I help you shop for a flashlight for your needs? I’d love to help you.

      • What’s your budget ($1-$10, $10-$30, $30-$50, $50-$100)
      • What are some features you are looking for? (different brightness settings, waterproof, rechargeable/not rechargeable, can double as a lantern)
      • What will you be using it for? (camping, every day use, put in an emergency bag, sit in the closet and only be used in a power outage)