How to donate to The Prepared? and Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Fellow Preppers! May 2023 bring health and happiness to y’all!So, I am (as usual late lol) doing my 2022 donations and would like to include the Prepared as I am very grateful for the information and community it has provided.  I could of sworn I had seen a “donate” button on the website before, but cannot find it now.  So if any designated grownup can help me out with that info, I will be very grateful.


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      There was previously an orange Patreon link at the bottom of the main page. I don’t see it now. You could also try sending an email to the site maintainer about this using this email that I took from the contact page:


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      Happy New Year, Sharon! Thank you for thinking of us for your annual donations. You can either contribute monthly through Patreon (sorry I don’t have a direct link — I’m traveling and on mobile and don’t have it handy, but if you search for The Prepared we should be easy to find), otherwise here’s a link for a one-time donation https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/getprepared

      Thanks again 🙏

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        Thanks for the link.

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      Sharon, “designated grownup” made me smile. Happy new year!

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      THANKS Carlotta Susanna for the info and for the past news.  I read a lot of on line news and really appreciated that the Prepared news round up often had news I had not come across..  <3 

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      Thanks for answering.