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I listen to a lot of podcasts. I find it frees my hands and eyes, especially when I’m busy with my prepping projects and I can actually learn a thing or two other than the latest deathtoll numbers.

One area of interest (especially given the importance of hygeine amidst the current pandemic) is how I’ve seemed anxious about the shortage of sanitizer and disinfectant (and their skyrocketing prices).

Turns out, according to a July 30th episode of How Stuff Works, soap is better. And it has everything to do with soap’s structure. Spoiler! Soap physically tears apart the cells of germs, viruses and microorganisms!

This episode covers (in 54 minutes), the origins of soap, how to make soap, how soap works, and how using soap compares to sanitizers and disinfectents.

How Stuff Works: How Soap Works: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-stuff-you-should-know-26940277/episode/how-soap-works-69248640


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      Will listen. Does this mean you’ll be making soap soon? I have not done it so zero experience.

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        Cool. Enjoy.

        It’s not a step-by-step recipe type thing, but it’s very informative. I’ve never made soap, but I figure it couldn’t hurt to learn and give it a shot.

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      Love podcasts but didn’t have this one on m y list. They have an older episode that explains how flamethrowers work fyi