How have y’all improved or worked on your preps during lockdown?


Kindly let me know How have y’all improved or worked on your preps during a lockdown?


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      Bought more reference books, did online study, updated and replaced much out of date kit,  rebuilt  concealed world band antenna hidden running up side of house. fully overhauled the family vehicles, Did lots of low profile reccying . Oh and spent lots of time teaching the family to shoot and do archery.

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        That’s good you study online and replace date kits.

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      I have spent a lot of time on this website reading articles and learning from others on the forum. It’s been a nice way for me to connect with others and talk about things I enjoy while safely social distancing and not getting sick.

      I do still need to go out camping this year. That would be fun.

      How about you Alex? What have you done during your lockdown? I haven’t seen you around on the site before, what brought you in?

      Welcome by the way if you are new.

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      Good afternoon Alex,

      Had spent some time talking to some “emergency industry” folks and studying bio’s of Virginia’s new Director of Emergency Management, the folks of FEMA Region 3 Philadelphia who work the Virginia section and some of the new key emergency medical folks.

      Sought to understand their “thinking” eg strict constructionist, a broad constructionist, a just do the work with no scandals, etc.

      It was interesting. Had met one person re above … not appropriate for web ID … at a real emergency.