How Climate Migration Will Reshape America (NY Times)

“Millions will be displaced. Where will they go?”

I listened to this today and thought it would be of benefit to all my fellow preppers. Be well. Be safe. Be healthy.

How Climate Migration Will Reshape America (stream/podcast episode)

In August, Abrahm Lustgarten, who reports on the environment, watched fires burn just 12 miles from his home in Marin County, Calif.

For two years, he had been studying the impact of the changing climate on global migration around the world.

Suddenly, with fires raging so close to home, he had to ask himself the question he had been asking other people: Was it time to move?

This week on The Sunday Read, Abrahm explores a nation on the cusp of transformation.

If you’d rather read, here’s the NY Times article: How Climate Migration Will Reshape America

If you’d like to avoid ads, trackers, etc. or cannot access the article, HERE is the Internet Archive back-up.


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      Interesting topic. Thank you for sharing Matt. 

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        Sure thing. I consider it a longer-term prep thing…

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      Seems California (already has water piped in) is suppose to run dry within a few years.  And places from there to texas are to run dry a few years after that because we are draining aquifers in years or decades that took centuries to fill.  We are blessed (comparitevely speaking) in north America with an abundance of fresh water.  But it sounds like within 20 to 30 years everyone will be migrating to the Great Lakes or Canada.