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This short article tells about a scientific research project on what some Marines ate during the Chosin reservoir battle of the Korean War.

Note the article’s mention that “cinquefoils can be called starvation food – … only eaten … extreme scarcity … “

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      Good morning Bob,

      Excellent story! It is amazing that the Marines were able to continue fighting under starvation conditions, especially considering the cold that they were dealing with. Imagine the calories they were burning marching, fighting and trying to keep their temperature up and having no food to do that!

      The forensic study done on this Marine can help others understand how people will respond in a starvation situation. They will look for food sources, any food source such as cinquefoils and also like the Dutch did in WWII by eating their tulip bulbs.

      It can help us as preppers to understand what it takes to actually survive adversity. It is a piece of history that should be required reading for preppers.

      I am in awe of the Chosin Basin battle and the other battles these servicemen fought. They are heroes, every last one of them.

      Thank you for posting this article.

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        Good afternoon Ubique,

        With a return thank you for appreciative reply…….