Hello from illinois

Greetings all,

Just found this site, very pleased to join up. 52 yo married man, from Central Illinois. I’ve been getting ready, in earnest, for the last 6 years. Looking forward to meeting folks, and learning things. Thanks so much.



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      Welcome to The Prepared, Bart! 😀

      The beginner guide is always a good place to start, and to return for a refresher every so often.


      Anything else we can help you find? Or any specialties you could teach us about?

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        Appreciate the welcome. I’m a professional brown water mariner (barges). I’m pretty useful tying a line, splicing, knife sharpening and modification. Truth be told, I’m looking for some local folks to get acquainted with. In any event, happy to be here.

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        Hey, Bart! Welcome aboard!

        I’m always curious how a person’s background and experience informs the way they get ready for tough situations.

        Care to share the kinds of things you see as important to do now?

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        I see debt minimization, food storage, water storage/treatment as the “big 3”. I spent 2015- 2020 getting our house paid off early. Car notes are generally paid at double, or triple rates in order to get out from under sooner. I’ve spent the rest of my time, organizing my supply areas, putting things away for rainy days, and making my shop area more useful. I’m a hobby knife modder…love making things that sorta work into things that really work. I’d be interested in finding local folks that wanted to get started or that are on the way, and need ideas, etc. Happy to learn or teach. Kinda a desert here in Illinois….not many souls seem interested. Anyway…hope this answers your question. Thanks much.


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        “I see debt minimization, food storage, water storage/treatment as the “big 3”.”

        Those are definitely some important prepping topics.

        I’m taking the Water Basics class now, which includes water storage, treatment, sourcing, and conservation. There’s a sale on it now that lasts through Sunday.


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        I’m in IL. Kind of close to Champaign/Urbana area. I’m medical by nature. My husband is a journeyman in industrial maintenance so he can do all kinds of things. We have 8acres in the country. Seems like the world gets a little more scary every day right now.

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        Greetings Holly. Peoria area myself. Appreciate the welcome. May I reciprocate the greetings. 🙂

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      Kevin from the north central part of Illinois

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        Hi Kevin. Peoria area here. Appreciate the welcome. Feel free to reach out .