HAM: Just got my tech license. Which radio to buy?

Just got my license, looking to see what transciever to buy.  I’m a buy-once-cry-once type, and I’m not likely to set up a shack with multiple radios, antennas, etc.  One and done.  Thinking ICOM IC7300 (alternative: YAESU FT-450D) with a HUSTLER 6-BTV, ground mounted.  Yes? No?  


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      Congrats on your new license! The Icom IC-7300 and FT-450D are both HF radios and you won’t be able to do much with them until you upgrade to General. For a tech license, you want a 2m and/or 70cm radio like a BaoFeng or FT3DR. Or you could get a mobile radio like the FT-2980R, which has much more power but requires a power supply and an antenna. I don’t have strong opinions on 2m and 70cm radios because reception is a pain where I am.

      If you upgrade to General and can take advantage of HF, the 7300 is the better radio of the two you mentioned. It’s the standard recommended beginner HF radio. I use and like the Xiegu G90, because it’s (relatively) inexpensive, packed with features, and power-efficient.

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        Thanks Josh.  I have a BaoFeng now so maybe I’ll stick with that until its time to upgrade to a 7300.  That’s the one I was looking at actually.