Good Storage for Prepping with limited space

I have a one bedroom ~600 sq ft apartment and my kitchen has limited space. I need some more storage space and was thinking good shelving unit – something like this or this . I was wondering what other folks had done and if they had any set ups they reccomended that were reliable, didn’t need to be pinned to the wall and not a pain to set up. 

Leaning strongly to get this, which is pricey but looks nicer than some of the others.

Ideally 36 in or less in width as well if that as an option. 


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      Update: I ended up going with this , my reasoning was simple – it was reasonably priced, not ugly (it will be in a place where it will be seen by anyone who comes in) and availble. 

      There are some comparable cheaper options, but those use thing metal wires in lieu of the slats and I feel like the slats will be sturder and have more diverse uses. 

      Curious what other folks do though!

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        That looks like a very good choice! Is that shelving unit going to be soley for food storage?

        You are doing better than I did. When I was in an apartment, I didn’t have very much food storage. It sure is hard when space is so limited. We kind of just stuck things wherever we could, it wasn’t very organized. For water storage, I had water bricks and placed them under our bed.

        Our apartment complex was in a nicer neighborhood and when people would move in or out, they would place nice pieces of furniture next to the dumpster that they no longer wanted. We furnished most of our apartment using “dumpster finds”. We found many good shelving units by the dumpster and took one of them to put in our little shed. I also go many good things out of there, like a power tool set, set of dumbbells, and many more perfectly good things. I would sell some of those things and use that money for my preps. haha