Going Off-Road, money does not equate to common sense

A good example of ” All The Gear, But No Idea”   Big expensive truck based overland 4×4 expedition vehicle, and they chose to go cross country in the rainy season.



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      An example of, “You Can’t Fix Stupid”.

      However, I don’t doubt that many of us, me included, will do similar if there ever is a severe crisis.  I’m sure most of us have gear or tools set aside for that event, but have no real experience in using them.   

      Use what you store & store what you use.

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      so you’re tellin me that i need to practice off roading with my 4×4 before i rely on it as my bug out vehicle? 

      good to see the people in this article were prepared and had a way to communicate, but still they should have done more research and practice before tackling such an expedition. if the helicopter couldn’t make it out there and they had to wait for land rescue, this could have turned out to be a different headline.