Force of Nature’s cleaning system: a safe COVID-19 alternative to Clorox wipes

It’s been increasingly difficult lately to find quality disinfectants that are effective against SARS-CoV-2. Stores are still sold out of Clorox and L
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      If your concern is SARS-CoV-2, then just use soap.

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        Yes, soap to wash your hands. But to disinfect your house?

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        Soap on your hand does the same thing as soap on a counter, on a can of food, etc.

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        lemur is correct. The coronavirus has an outer shell made up of lipids (i.e., fats). Using warm/hot water and ordinary dish soap will destroy the virus.

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      If you can’t find bleach at the local store you can try looking for sodium hypochlorite shock (liquid chlorine) found at your local pool store, they’re the same thing. The pool shock is usually ~12.5% sodium hypochlorite where bleach is ~8%, so it’s a little more potent. I just went and picked up 16 gallons to open the pool

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      Thanks for this review! I’ve been unable to find/buy any disinfecting spray, so this offers a great option — and without all the perfumes that are problematic in our household. Love that it’s organic and not bleach/chlorine. Any idea if you need to take special care around colored fabrics? And while it’s easy enough to buy plenty of capsules, I’m wondering how one might make the vinegar/salt solution in the right proportions.

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        You’re welcome! And thanks for the great questions. We have linked to a video that explains how to make your own solution – let me know in case you can’t see it for some reasons. I haven’t tried that method yet, but the process seems very simple and you only need kosher salt, white vinegar, a scale, and pH testing strips.

        With regrads to using it on colored fabric, FoN claimes that “[…] you can use it on rugs & carpets, where it’s as effective as Resolve, but without harmful chemicals. Always 1st test for color-fastness in an inconspicuous spot & let dry before proceeding.” Anectodally, I’ve been using it with colored microfiber cloths only and never had an issue with it, but there is some evidence that it might stain some fabric.

        If you test it on other types of fabric, I’d love to know the outcome (just be careful!) – I’m sure that other people would find that info useful – and I’ll do the same!