Foodmageddon Youtube series

I’m not a big YouTube user but stumbled across this and thought it was cool:
Foodmageddon Playlist

The scenario is basically a peak oil related fast crash knocks us back to muscle power overnight and how this guy thinks he might try to feed his family on a small plot. Right up my alley! Regardless of the peak oil part this is hard core prepper-stuff.

I came in on episode 20, harvesting wheat. I dig how this guy tries to remake some old equipment, then experiments and revises his method.

Give it a look if deep prep are your thing and report back if you care to.


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      Good find!

      I will be adding this to my watch later list and am always on the hunt for new Youtube channels about prepping and gardening. I say you aren’t a big Youtube user, but do you have any other channels you recommend?

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      Growing food on small plots is quite popular in the UK, Try looking up, Vertical Gardening and Guerilla Gardening. both interesting subjects.

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      Here is another interesting channel linked from the first, kind of a recreaters thing about old-timey ways.


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        Love Townsends! Great YouTube channel.