Fish Antibiotics for human use

Short version: Fish Antibiotics are currently on sale at fishmoxfishflex.com at 25% off with the code: DRBONES25 until 7/31.

I’m a big, longtime fan of Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy (Joe Alton MD, and Amy NP). They wrote the book ‘The Survival Medicine Handbook’ (the essential guide for when help is NOT on the way) and the book ‘Antibiotics and Infections Diseases’.

Dr. Alton has long preached and advocated that preppers stock, and know how to use, fish antibiotics. They are the exact same medication as the human versions, literally produced in the same facilities. He’s wrote extensively about this and made many YouTube videos (in addition to his running podcast and blogs). 

I’m a former military medic and civilian paramedic and I find both of his books essential parts of our prepper medical library. We have many fish antibiotics already and we’re going to buy more. 

(I’m happy to provide links, I just didn’t want this to come across like some kid of add for them – lol.)


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      Considering all the medication shortages over the last few years, having an emergency stockpile is more important than ever. Antibiotics are an important part of that.

      On the other hand, I’d worry about whether a fish product had the same quality control as the same product for humans. Any thoughts on how we would know about the safety of this approach?

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        Dr Alton (Dr Bones) is a long time, common sense prepper like we are. He is still currently a licensed physician and unequivocally advocates for fish antibiotics in peoples preps. 

        From everything he’s said, and I’ve read, these meds are made at the exact same facility as the human pills. Dr Alton says they are the exact same. Once you’re mass producing them it’s easy to just put them in whatever bottle needs filled. 

        Of course neither he, or I, would ever recommend using these if current medical services area available. Always go to your doctor when you can and get a prescription as needed for the right medication.

        But if there isn’t any medical help available, these would be an invaluable option. We all know that countless people died before the advent of modern antibiotics from simple infections (and that it still happens in parts of the world today). 

        Are these the best antibiotics available to modern medicine? No. There are much better, more current antibiotics out there but these are ones we can reliably get in bulk, at a good price, and store long term.