FCC to start charging $35 for ham license applications

The FCC has approved a rule charging $35 for new ham licenses and renewals. Until now, the licenses have been free, though you typically have to pay a nominal fee to a club to take the required test. The fee hasn’t been implemented yet, so if you’ve been considering a ham license, now would be a good time to go for it. (It doesn’t take long to prepare for, and in fact, you’re better off studying and testing in as short a timeframe as possible.)



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      Interesting. When does it take effect? I have scheduled my Technician exam for next week and was planning on doing General later this year.  But perhaps I should accelerate getting the General license.

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        According to this website it says: “The effective date of the fee schedule has not been established, but it will be announced at least 30 days in advance. “

        It also looks like the FCC originally wanted the fee to be $50, but people fought back and they came to a middle ground of $35. So that is good.

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      Even down the road if you are up for renewal or just getting into the world of ham radio, I strongly recommend getting it, even if there is this fee. It is a valuable prep, great way to meet other like minded preppers, and is a pretty fun hobby.