Faucet for 55 gallon water drum

I’m thinking about laying my barrels on the side and installing a faucet in the bung hole. I’m looking at this on Amazon:

I know that the threaded bungholes in the top of the drum are National Pipe Thread. The big one is 2″ NPT. The small one is 3/4″ NPT. This faucet could go in the 2″, but will I need to vent also (went I want to use the water?) I’ve been looking online and I’m stuck – help?


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      Don’t you just need a NPT nipple and another valve?



      Or you could just loosen the bung a spec

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        Loosen the bung to vent, you mean?

        I appreciate the links – I have a vague idea of what I need but none of the terminology or knowledge to search for it!

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      Here’s a video for an upside down rain barrel with a pipe out the bottom bung to fill it and a vent pipe into the barrel to enable filling.  He said that the threads were standard and found versions that fit at the hardware store.    Maybe you can do something similar.