Epinephrine Administration

(Epinephrine should only be administered to patients having symptoms suggestive of an acute systemic reaction generalized skin rash, difficulty breath
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      Pushing out air after filling the syringe isn’t done (for the ampule)?

      To aspirate is not necessary because the risk of hitting a veine is low or is there a different reason also?

      (I learned to remove air after filling it – but a long time ago).

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        Good question.

        As a general rule you want to remove as much air as possible from the syringe prior to administering the medicine.

        As a general rule you want to aspirate your syringe prior to pushing the medicine to confirm you are not in a vein or artery, no matter how small of chance it may be.  Different medicines can be administered using different injection techniques; subcutaneous, deep intramuscular, intravenous, etc.  

        So it can be very important at times.  

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        Thx for the detailed answer!

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        Great points. Having had to administer shots this way recently removing air and aspiration were the two things that I was taught as most important. I think these should have been in the video though.