Domestic Intel Gathering (early warning)

Intelligence Gathering

The preppers home in normal times as well as during a crisis needs to help you obtain vital intelligence on events going on in the outside world, you should consider fitting a new wide band high gain TV aerial to access analogue and digital TV stations (even foreign ones). If you have a satellite system then consider a satellite tracking system that allows you to access other satellite broadcasters. And of course last but never least an AM/FM/LW Radio aerial to greatly boost your reception of distant radio stations. Some people also have Citizens band / PMR and Amateur radio systems set up at home as an extra communications system. Try if possible to conceal as best you can any antenna you use.

And whilst it lasts a good fibre optic broadband internet service can be very handy in finding out what going on with relying on state controlled or politically biased mainstream media services. Subscriptions to digital news sources oten get breaking new out quicker and cover issues in greater depth than the MSM. During times of raised concern its wiser to not listen to music radio and switch to news broadcasts. Forewarned is forearmed as they say.


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      Pre-programming of emergency or relevant stations and bookmarked reliable news sources and emergency resources, is a way to speed up response time during times of crisis. Precious time can be lost fiddling with stations or searching for media sites online.

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      Added to include: If for some reason you are unable to use your media equipment to garner information, an alternative is possible.

      If long haul truck drivers are still working, head to a truck stop and start talking with them. Those people are a font of information. They travel and they pay attention to the world around them. One of them there (or more) may have the intell you are seeking.

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        And Train drivers.

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        Yes, good point. I like to work in low or no tech options as part of scenarios/prep planning.

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      Another source for private sector preppers is one of the best.

      The volunteer retired lady working at the hospital’s gift store/news stand is, in unofficial terms, deemed the area’s intel offier.

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        It would make sense for medical and quite possibly other information.  During the pandemic, it wouldn’t be possible due to regulations. However, in other circumstances, it is worth remembering. 

        Thanks, Bob.