Dog owners, do you pack poop bags in your BOB?

My BOB has gotten really heavy. Looking for a way to lighten the load I noticed that the roll of doggie bags I have in there is actually pretty heavy. I’m wondering whether I really need to pack it all. I don’t entirely have a good picture of whether my dog would even be staying with me if I have to bug out or whether I would need to have her boarded. On the other hand, if I do have her with me, picking up poop seems like an important part of emergency hygiene.


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        I like that bottom gray option the best. It looks form fitting and has a large capacity.

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      I only carry 5 poop bags in my emergency bag. Like you say, a solid roll is very heavy. I carry these for if I am bugging out to something like a hotel or a friends house and still want to be courteous. After 5 days of pooping, I can scavenge and ask around for some alternative way to pick up after my dog. It buys me some time.

      If you are bugging out to the woods or something similar, you just kick some dirt over it. You are in a disaster/emergency setting and heck with the rules and good customs of picking up after your dog.

      Now what to do with my cat. He’s litterbox trained, but I don’t know how he would react and if I could get him to poop outside if there were no litterbox.

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      Doggie bags can be used for a lot of things, I don’t think you’ll ever regret having extra bags. Also, I carry a roll of bright ORANGE doggie bags. They can also be used to mark or signal with because they stand out so much (I could tie one around a branch marking what trail I took). 

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        The store I buy dog poop bags from has camo options as well. Those are good if you want to bag up your dog’s poop and then throw it in the grass and not have to carry it out.

        Just kidding, don’t be a jerk like that. Always carry out your dog poop bags.

        Good idea on the bright color bags to be used as trail markers. I will buy bright pinks, blues, and oranges next time I need some and replace the black bags I currently have in my car and BOB.

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        That’s such a great idea!

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        >Doggie bags can be used for a lot of things

        Came here to say this also – I carry a roll because you never know what you might use them for. I am comfortable with the space and weight. I also keep some in the car.

        Love the idea of bright orange bags that serve several uses. Great idea. I will have to check around for some.

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      If you have to bug out then picking up dog shit is going to be the least of your worries. If your bug out bag is similar to mine then you will probably carry a lightweight trowel for creating a cat scrape latrine for your own use, this could also serve your dog’s needs. Alternatively the dog poo bags can be used to collect your own faeces if you need to conceal your tracks or cannot leave an enclosed space. Try to buy the bags labelled as composting rather than those simply labelled biodegradable, these can be buried and will break down.

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      LOL. The second dog from the top does NOT look like it’s action ready.

      Notice the size of all these dogs. My dog is 20 lb, low to the ground, and an acrobat to boot. No way would she put up with having a bag on her, and it wouldn’t do much good.