Does anyone have any experience with the Kelly Kettle Trekker stove?

I’ve come across the Kelly Kettle Trekker for the first time today. Has anyone ever used one, or have any experience with it whatsoever? Here’s a link: https://www.kellykettleusa.com/trekker-small-stainless-steel-kelly-kettle

From what I gather, the Kelly stoves are those kind of fast-boil stoves that use wood, twigs, an almost anything to burn. The Trekker is interesting to me because it seems like a combination of a Firebox-style camping stove, and a boiler pot. In a kit. Like a wood burning JetBoil if it makes sense.

Any insights, thoughts, or experiences with it would be extremely helpful. Thanks.


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      I don’t have any experience with this stove, but I’m interested in it as well. It looks like a nice, USA-made product that might be worth checking out for the blog.

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      I’ve got a Kelly Kettle – we take it when we go camping (as an additional, rather than our main kettle)

      They’re pretty effective – you don’t need much fuel to boil the water, and you can even get a kit to convert the fire bit into a stove as well.

      They’re not exactly that portable – I wouldn’t backpack with mine (it’s light but bulky)


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        Thanks! That’s really helpful.