Help me decide on a portable generator. Single fuel but fuel injected or tri fuel with a carb?

Alright I’m ready to pull the trigger on a new electric start 11000 watt portable generator…but I have to choose one over the other of two possibilities. #1 is elect start, fuel injected so no carb to worry about…but is only gasoline powered. #2 is same brand, same wattage but with typical carb and is tri fuel…gasoline, nat gas or propane. So there’s trade offs. The tri fuel version is also $200 cheaper. I did the generac whole house estimate which came back at $10, 790. YIKES! There will still be some electrical contractor expense as I’ll get them to put in that sub panel so I can plug this portable in. I have a nearly new generac 3500 watt portable I’ll be selling so I can recoup part of the purchase price. So….which would YOU consider? Single fuel but fuel injected or tri fuel with a carb? I have a torn rotator cuff with damage so pull starting ANYTHING is out of the question now. So I’ll be selling the new chain saw, weedeater and generator. 


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      If you have a strong preference to stick with gasoline fuel, and you can store plenty of it safely and use fuel stabilizer to keep it fresh,  then stick with a gasoline only model. Otherwise get the tri-fuel model and take advantage of your ability to use propane instead of gasoline. If you only use propane, no need for fuel stabilizer, no need to periodically run fresh gasoline through the carburetor. Also if you have a big power outage in your area, the local gas station may not have power to pump gasoline, but you may still be able to get prefilled 20 lb bottles of propane.

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      If you have natural gas to your house and you don’t plan on moving the new 10k watt generator around, I would get the trifuel. Unlimited clean fuel vs propane tanks or gas? Natural gas is what I would install at my house. You probably need to clean the generator yearly, but if you’re not able to do it yourself, I am sure the small engine maintenance shops in your area (think commercial lawn mowers and chainsaws) would come out and do it.

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      I don’t see where you state if you already have natural gas service at your house or if you have a large LP tank out back.  If you already have natural gas, I’d get the tri fuel for added flexibility in sourcing fuel in a crisis.

      So the tri fuel is not electric start?  If not, the considering your health situation, no matter what get an electric start, even if it only runs on gasoline.  Is a dual fuel an option that would have electric start?  If so. I’d pick that one.

      I have a dual fuel.  What I do to keep the ignition system clean, if I’ve been running on gasoline, is to run it on LP gas for 5 minutes prior to storage.  My understanding is the LP gas runs much cleaner & will keep parts from fowling up during storage.  So far, this procedure works great for me.

      With the extreme cold & high winds getting ready to hit here in a couple of hours, I just might be using my generator tonight.  Good feeling knowing I can power the critical items around the house.  Especially the well.

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        Sorry having grown up in the city, I forget a lot of the country doesnt have natural gas service. Yes I have natural gas in the house and have a convient outlet out on the patio that can power a gas grill. I pulled the trigger this morning on it cause of a sale, took advantage of my Veteran’s discount and got a great deal for the tri fuel version.