Crime prevention: RCMP in Okanagan asking citizens to adopt 9 p.m. routine

RCMP in Okanagan asking citizens to adopt 9 p.m. routine
And no, it’s not ‘go indoors and bolt the shutters’. Saw this and thought, dang, some of my neighbors ought to look into this because where I live, we’re out beyond the sidewalks, mostly residential, some acreage, and regularly people report on Facebook or Nextdoor that something’s gone missing or the like.


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      It is some good advice and I hope that more neighborhoods can adopt something similar. Make your whole block inhospitable to thieves. While the article mainly focuses on securing your own things, Neighborhood Watch programs do what you are mentioning Thekaren. People coordinating and keeping an eye on what is the norm and not in a neighborhood. 

      That link you shared was from a Canadian news channel, are you from Canada? Do they have the Neighborhood Watch program there or is it just an American thing?

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      One of the police departments in our area has been promoting the 9 pm routine for a year or two now. They have an excellent social media administrator that posts reminders and gets hilariously creative with it sometimes. It’s a great reminder in this area as break-ins are frequent. I think it’s great to have it as part of your daily routine. 

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      Our area has had this 9pm routine for sometime because  people checking door handles for unlocked cars is rampant in my city. What boggles me is just how many people leave their guns in their cars and of course get stolen. 

      Our neighborhood recently had an incident where a member of the Coast Guard caught a person in the act of getting into her car at her residence. She drew her gun on him and called 911. The burglar had a stolen gun from a nearby car and fired on her killing her.

      On Nextdoor before this incident many were advocating stopping these people at all means, so be careful if you start seeing that “advice”

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        That’s very sad. 

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      difference between Canada and parts of the US >>> FL sheriff says “blow him out the door” when referring to the hunt for a POS fugitive that’s pure manic – kill him coming thru the door ….


      9PM Routine is a great PR stunt – only practical if it’s a 9PM & 9MM Routine >>> proven fact that if it’s not readily available – it doesn’t stop the burglars – it just makes them work harder >> they’ll doing a home invasion if that what it takes ….

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        As a Floridian I can confirm that is the mentality here.

        Expanding on my story of the Coast Guard member being killed when her car was broken into…other Coast Guard members came door to door asking for information on the killer and offering an award (he was later found btw). I made a comment that my house is unique in that I have a flat roof with a short wall raised above, giving a great advantage to watch from without being seen and I could have my coffee up there when the 4-5 am thieves walk by checking car door handles. Their response was “a great spot for a nipper riffle”…my thought was uh ok that escalated quickly.

        But glad we are currently in the just checking for unlocked cars and not home invasion phase.