Contaminants 101

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      Good information. Thanks.

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      I’m enjoying your course. Been interested in water disinfection largely due to my outdoor activities, and also from working in a clinic in Honduras, and teaching people to use the Sawyer filters. With regard to contaminants, it seems to me one that is puzzling is cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae as it’s also called. When this stuff infects the water, it can be deadly to animals (and people) who drink it. Since animals aren’t put off by the ick factor of drinking nasty-looking water, they’re affected more. Most people aren’t going be be gulping down water that looks like green paint. Usually blooms only happen in the heat of summer. What is your understanding of blue-green algae? And can the toxins be filtered out? 

      Looking forward to the rest of the course.  Cheers. 

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      The included out-takes of laughter after “you’re probably dead” and in the video where John pushed the water container off the table, etc. are AWESOME!!!!

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        Thank you 🙂 We had fun on set even though it was at height of covid, and sometimes you gotta laugh about certain convos in prepping! 

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      Great info!

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      I remember using the tablets when we were backpacking as kids. Man it tasted horrible. But I did not die! Ha ha ha!