I was just wondering whether anyone included any clothing in their kits? If so, what do / would you keep?

I was thinking that if the supply chains got disrupted for these items, then surely after a few years, clothes would be in short supply.

Also, regarding clothes washing, there was a ‘dry-bag’-style thing I saw on Indiegogo a few yrs ago that had special bumps inside to help dislodge any dirt. 



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      I’ve got clothing in my main bag. I tried to stick close to the site’s level 1 suggestions for clothes since it’s achievable based on what I already own:


      So I’ve got a change of clothes ready to go at the minimum. 

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      I’ve not finalized my BOB contents yet as currently it’s about 45lbs – and I’d get about 3 miles with that weight – LOL! Clothes are definitely in there.   I’m targeting a layered approach because the local weather has fairly extreme heat to lowish temps depending on the time of year.   I just tried out a lightweight merino wool tee in the 100 degree weekend heat, and it actually was cooler than the cotton one I took off for the test.  Shocked me as I’d always found wool too warm in the past.  Next is a long sleeve wind/SPF50 button up followed by a fleece hoodie and light rain shell jacket.  On the bottom, I put in one pair of quick dry underwear,  lightweight long underwear that can work as leggings and fit under quick drying pants that zip off into shorts.  A sun hat, buff, work gloves and merino liners, darn tough socks in 2 weights (always have a dry pair to sleep in) with polyprop liners (saved me from blisters in the past).  As I said this may be too much, but it illustrates my thinking.  The Kit page has an example BOB that included more winter weight and fewer items:

      And Liz points you to the deeper discussion. 

      I think the wash bag you’re meaning is the Scrubba.  It is a dry bag with a vent and a stiff side with wash nubs towards the inside.  I’ve considered it for travel because it can also be used as a drybag and laundry bag.  For the BOB, it’s likely too heavy and specialized/stiff  for me.  I’m planning to use a dry bag for packing organization and make it work for laundry if necessary.  

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        I looked up Scrubba. Kinda cool but I’m with you on it not being the right pick for a BOB. 

        And of course they have a tactical version: