CERT training: Community Emergency Response Team

Want to learn some prepping basics or volunteer to help your community and local first responders during a crisis? FEMA offers a free, 20-hour course that many preppers love.

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      My wife and I did the cert course and loved it. Very informative and was really the start to my prepper journey.

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        Great! Are you going to continue, or just went for the class? Did your curriculum or freebie differ much from what we described above?

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        The curriculum was exactly the same. We got the equipment you listed, but we had paid a small fee ($40 or less each) to take the class, so I don’t know if call it a freebie. But it was all sold at cost so it was worth it to me.

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      How do I find out about programs local? The link is blocked because it is not a private connection!

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        Kind of ironic that the government hasn’t been able to keep their FEMA website “secure”! They still haven’t fixed it, so I’ve updated the links in story with a different zip code lookup. Give it a try.

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      If you are looking for a softcover copy of the manual, you can get it here: https://www.amazon.com/Comm…

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      You’ll be happy to know that FEMA finally released the new course materials!  I’m a CERT Trainer in Colorado Springs. Here’s the link (scroll down for the new materials):