Can a flower pot and tealight candle create enough heat to save you in a cold emergency?

We’ve been testing various prepping memes, like turning oranges into candles and using Doritos to start fires. Around this time of year we often see p
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      Just wondering, what size terracotta pot did you use? 

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        The small pot I used indoors was just a four-inch. The one Gomez tested was a six-inch.

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      If you’re concerned about flashing the candle wax, place the candles in fire resistant glassware such as  small Pyrex dishes or other container.
      I would only ever use one candle per flower pot.
      If you leave the hole open at the top, most of your heat will still go straight up to the ceiling. Place an inverted clay saucer on top. Then ALL of your candle heat will heat the pot which is the entire concept behind brick ovens.

      It will get too hot inside the pottery and/or it will snuff the candle if you don’t have enough airflow.
      P.S. Too many candles in the room will deplete all of the Oxygen as well as raising the CO2 concentration to unsafe levels.

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      Would a larger pot, with a larger candle make more heat? Also I noticed something, when I do our pot heaters, we put the pot base that’s for catching water, under the pot, then put the candle on the base, then cover it with the pot. I don’t leave an opening at the bottom of the pot, creating more heat because it’s completely enclosed. I think a larger pot, and a larger candle would make more heat. But not 100% sure on it. 

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