Building, stocking a safe room in house


Good evening,

Above FEMA link is hot off the presses. It’s the updated version.  

I’m posting this for 2 reasons: good info on subject AND just the exposure to FEMA stuff. Not only for a house, the concepts in doc can be used in an apartment, condo, etc.

Be careful re the page 9 definition of hurricane categories.  Our US system has “cat 5” as the worst … heaviest winds in the series of 5 categories.  Yet, a lower number hurricane can be more dangerous because of the flooding. It is the flooding … especially infected waters … that causes the most hurricane deaths.

Page 58 has an email address and a phone number for additional info and publication.

There’s a web-seminar or one of those national conference calls pending.  I omitted this but if really interested, inquire via the page 58 contacts.


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